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Financial Impact of Water Tax

Financial Impact of Water Tax

We did a bit of research to give our customers some insight into the impact of water charges on their finances.

Firstly age old question - hand wash or dishwasher... you might be supprised but its dishwash when you consider water. A dishwasher uses less water than washing by hand. Less the cost to run the dishwasher its pretty evens so Energy rating makes all the difference.

So how about Washing clothes?
Here's a few tips to help you saving money and energy.

Front-Loading Washers

Front-loading machines use gravity and between 10 and 24 gallons of water (depending on the washer size) to launder clothes. Because the tub of a front-loading machine is tilted sideways, instead of an agitator, the tub itself simply spins, and gravity does the rest of the work. Almost 95 per cent of the electricity consumed by washing machines is used to heat the water. Less water means less power and less detergent, resulting in a lower cost to you (and the environment) per load.

Ways to Save Even More

Wash your clothes in cold water, or use only cold and warm water cycles. In fact, washing your clothes in hot water for a year uses more electricity than leaving the fridge door open 24 hours a day for a year and it fades and wears out your clothes. If you find that washing in warm water doesn't clean as well, try a warm or hot water soak before the warm or cold wash cycle.

Energy and water saving tips
• Buy an energy and water efficient washing machine recommended by the Energy Saving Trust – a guarantee that you'll save energy.
• Wash at 30°C instead of 40°C and you'll use up to 40% less energy.
• Buy a washing machine with auto load control, which will automatically adjust the water and electricity consumption according to the weight of the load. All Hoover washing machines feature auto load control referred to as KG mode.
• If you tumble dry your clothes, use a washing machine which is A-rated for spin performance, such as Hoover's Dynamic range. The faster the spin the better because every 200 rpm increase in spin speed will reduce drying time by 10 minutes. This in turn will reduce energy consumption and even half tumble drying costs in comparison to a G-rated machine.

Nearly all of HooverCandy washing machines are recommended by the Energy Saving Trust and are AAA-rated and some Hoover machines achieve an outstanding A+++ for energy efficiency.


Water consumption (litres/annum) 9600
Estimated Cost of 9600 litres @ 0.02cents = 192.00euro
9600 litres = 200 uses = approx 3/4 Full load washes per week
Water consumption (litres/cycle - wash) 48 @ .02cents = .96cents

Water consumption (litres/annum) 10500
Water consumption (litres/ cycle wash) 52

Water consumption (litres/annum) 12900
Water consumption (litres/ cycle wash) 59

Washer dryer 8kg
Water consumption (litres/ cycle wash) 60

Water consumption (litres/eco 45°C cycle) 12