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About us

About us

aboutGeorge Conboy Electrical is a family business based in Galway City, Ireland.

Our Team

Our main areas of focus are in Servicing home appliances, sales of new appliances and accessories and finally supply of home appliance spare part.


John DoeGeorge Conboy (Senior) from Bohermore in Galway started the business in the early 60's and registered the business names "Fixit Centre" and "Hoover Clinic" in 1968. Over the years George Conboy Electrical would become a household name in the West as thee place to get repairs, spares and advice. George Conboy Electrical has also been an integral part of Hoover Candy's sales force and also participate as authorized Hoover Candy guarantee support team.


John Doe Rita has supported both George and the family through ever turn and is an integral and irreplaceable part of the management team.

George Jr.

John Doe George manages New Road including out call repairs and deliveries. George has a background in IT, Media PR and Marketing, Engineering and has peviously served as a dedicated Hoover Service Technichian.


John Doe Jacquie is the manageress of the Eyre Street store. She heads sales and sourcing and also manages online sales and social marketing.