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All websites and servers are venerable to hacking. Recent events would leave you to believe that most companies that haven't been hacked, just don't know it yet. It typically takes between 6 to 18 months to determine a breach in security. Our severs are held in Dublin with an Irish Hosting Service Provider with a good reputation for security. They have in the past shut down all services in response to attacks which means they have a good sense of their environment.

We use SSL on our website. This is a secure way of transmitting information between your computer or mobile device to our servers. The site has two modes non-SSL and SSL. When information is sensitive it uses SSL. This makes hacking extremely difficult. Our Administration back-end to view orders only ever uses SSL.

We accept Credit Cards on our website and process them immediately. Information is held temporarily but not maintained. Hacking our website would not release your credit card information.

We do maintain details about products purchased, your billing address, shipping address, phone number and email address. These details are not shared with others outside the company unless there is a requirement based on a service being provided to you by a secondary person or company.

Passwords maintained on the website are encrypted. We cannot view these and determine their real value.

If you are in a public area, do not use free unsecured WiFi as this information is very easy to intercept. Secure WiFi is a little harder but experts can by pass this weak security also. Search for some wifi hacks on Android. Seeing is believing.

Only use secure internet connections when making online purchases.


Always check the website name. Does it look okay? For example an email circulated from (instead of asking to update business and RSI information on their website and avoid prosecution. Another scam involved job offers looking for CV's and personal information. With this information it is relatively easy to set up direct debts or other subscriptions to bill for services in your name. Only provide limited information on Google+, Facebook and Linked-in is you use these sites.

If it sounds to good to be true it probably is. Business are in business to make money, otherwise they usually end up out of business. Its very easy to replicate the look and feel of a site and you may think its real.

We have noticed a number of gift certificate site popping up offering Gift Certificate for ours and other businesses. They had no permission to do so. We only issue these manually through our website as do others. This is a scam.

If you would like to report issues with our website or other please do so by contacting us.

Buy Beware.

We were the first Electrical company online setting up our first site in 1995. We have been in business since the 1960's. We support Irish jobs and our local community in Galway. We will endeavour to bring you a better more secure online service over the coming years. I hope this make you feel more secure about our website and practices. Finally, if you don't buy from us then please "Shop Local" and support Irish owned businesses.