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Advice - Electric Blankets

Advice - Electric Blankets

Advantages: Keeps you warm on cold nights
Disadvantages: None

Rather than piling more and more blankets onto a bed in the wintertime maybe people should consider the electric blanket as an alternative.

Priced around € 80 the over blanket for a standard single divan bed has nine levels of heat control yet only use 85 watts of power at maximum heat.

The Dreamland model is machine washable and other models are dry cleanable.

The over blanket is designed to be left switched on all night so it should be placed on top of the top sheet and under the first blanket.

Some people regard them as unsafe and a fire hazard but in truth because of what they are, the electric blanket is built to rigorous safety standards and is just about the safest electrical appliance in the home.
Although the owner must play his/her part by not abusing the blanket but that applies to just about any appliance. If the blanket gets wet thoroughly dry it out before using again.
If in doubt get the blanket checked out by a qualified electrician specialising in electric blankets or send it back to the manufacturer for testing.

It will cost you a few quid but it's cheaper than rebuilding your house after it is destroyed by fire.

Only switch it on whilst the blanket is laid out flat.

A folded blanket may show signs of scorching and thus a weakness developing.
Never use the over blanket as an under blanket.
The same applies to an under blanket being used as an over blanket. Don't do it!
Most over blankets for double beds come with dual controls to satisfy the needs of both people.
If you follow the instructions and recommendations on the label then you can look forward to a nice, warm, comfortable and safe sleep on the coldest of nights and for many years.
It certainly beats a hot water bottle.
Pick a well know make like Slumberland, Dreamland or Sleepeezy.
Their blankets are a bit more expensive but they are safe.
There is no such guarantee for the cheaper models.
e sure that the model that you choose is BEAB approved.

When no longer needed put the blanket away in it's original box.
You did keep it didn't you?
Fold it up carefully and when it comes to be used again put it on the bed before you actually need to.
If it has been folded loosely there will be no creases but if there are some then don't switch it on until you have slept under it for a night or two.

Your own body heat will iron out any creases.
Finally, turn on in the early evening at control number eight and by the time ugo to bed it is nice and warm and once in a somnolent posture turn it down to number one and remain snug and warm all night long.
If it turns very cold during the night all u need do is reach out and turn it up a notch or two.