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Advice - Travel to Ireland

Advice - Travel to Ireland


Ireland has an electrical supply of roughly ~230 Volts (220-240v). This is double the 110v's on French or the USA for instance. As such you need to convert the electricity down from our 230v to your 110v. You do this using a voltage converter. If you have a large appliance then the you need a more powerful converter. Makes sense if you think about it!

A razor uses small amounts of energy compared to a heater.

You may have a converter on the appliance but you need to change the settings otherwise boom!

Some appliances already convert such as some laptops but please always check first before plugging the appliance in to our supply.

Sockets and Plugs

Ireland use UK connections or "Commonwealth" connections which have three very solid rectangular connectors. You will need an adapter to connect your electric equipment. These are typically unfused however fused will protect you better.

We supply travel adapters and converters in our store in Eyre Street.