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Our online store software only uses session-ids to hold your information for your shopping cart before you decide on logging in or creating an account. Cookies can be cleared by you and we don't store this information on our side.

Most browsers can be set to delete all cookies on exit. Look to Options or Tools in your settings. Firefox and Opera are really good secure browsers if you don't like Google, Apple and Microsoft.

“Some cookies can be exempted from informed consent under certain conditions if they are not used for additional purposes. These cookies include cookies used to keep track of a user’s input when filling online forms or as a shopping cart, also known as session-id cookies, multimedia player session cookies and user interface customisation cookies, eg language preference cookies to remember the language selected by the user."

Google Analytics does not require setting up of cookie notification as it doesn't as a hold your personal information.

Cookies are used by some companies and may generate an extensive array of information. These can be preyed on by SpyWare or other malicious software.

Analyzing what cookies you have in your temporary folder would give an advertiser information about what you are looking at online. Google use this for Google Adsense as do other companies.

It can seem intrusive but not necessarily damaging.

If you are afraid of divulging your private information then don't join Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Google+, Facebook, Lindedin, Bebo, Skillpages, YouTube, Vevo or any other online service including using or own an Android Smartphone.

You can download ORC as an app on Android but this will only highlight the fact that you don't want to be seen online. Governments want your information as much as private companies. Cookies notification is at best annoying and goes to no length to protect your privacy. Thank you the good people in power at the EU for costing us all more money just to create more smart jobs yet again.

Finally, if you like your privacy then don't stay logged in to Yahoo, Facebook, Google+ or MSN/Live while you browse and search the internet.

Always use SSL and check out some of the great extensions online for free to protect privacy. Download Ad block, Hide Me or Always SSL extensions for Chrome and Opera.

Please protect your child's privacy as there is nobody else there to protect them!