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Privacy Notice


We will respect your privacy at all times.

We will act in accordance to the Irish Privacy Laws and their requirements. Please feel free to point out any failings as in doing so we can move closer to fulfillment of these requirements.

We do not share customers information with any third party.

Finally all information on this website is secure. We have taken reasonable precautions to ensure its integrity however we do not accept liability for misuse of customers' "Personal Information" maintained by use on this site, in the event of any breach of security. This is outlined as part of our website Terms of Service. Credit card information is not maintained on our website.

We use cookies, as do most e-commerce sites today. Other sites may track your activities if you accept them (refer to your browser help file). We don't look at your cookies while other site will mainly to advertise to you. Installing a browser extension such as AdBlock will make this practice redundant. Please do this and complain to advertisers for invading your privacy. We respect your privacy at all times.