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Hoover Capture CP71

Hoover Capture CP71

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  • Model: cp71
  • Manufactured by: Hoover


Capture Bagged Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Capture is a light and compact bagged vacuum cleaner that will keep your home spotlessly clean. Weighing just 4.4kg, Capture is very easy to handle, use and store. Its hygienic bagged system means that coming into contact with dust is substantially reduced. Includes variable power controls, perfect for different surfaces in your home.

Key features • Great pick-up to keep floors and surfaces clean • Compact and lightweight • Above floor cleaning • Additional 2in1 tool

Keeps floors and surfaces spotlessly clean Capture quickly lifts dust and debris across numerous surfaces of your home using hygienic bagged technology. Capture also has a good size 2.3L dust capacity.

Compact and lightweight Capture is light, compact and designed to make everyday cleaning tasks easier. From cleaning your stairs to carrying from one room to another, Capture makes vacuuming really manageable. Its compact, space saving design makes it easy to store too.

Above floor cleaning The telescopic extension tubes enable you to clean above floors and surfaces that often get neglected in your home such as stairs and ceiling cobwebs.
Tools on board Capture has an adjustable suction head suitable all floors and a 2in1 dusting brush and crevice tool for effective cleaning of a wide range of surfaces, nooks and crannies.