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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Overview

Due to the costs and logistics involved with delivery & installation of large products this service is only available within the Galway area.

We have always provided our customers with delivery and installation as standard however this has changed and is subject to conditions.

Package deals exist for large products bought together such as fridges, washing machines and cookers etc or bulk purchases. Delivery and Installation charges may be applicable on certain items and depend on delivery destination (in Galway area only).

Smaller items such as spare parts & small appliances can be delivered to any destination, incurring a delivery charge.

Associated Costs
Charges may be incurred, but this depends on the total purchase price and circumstances regarding delivery and/or installation. Shipping
Mail Order is charged as per item packaged and incurs a national/international shipping charge. (Available for spare parts and small appliances) How do I.... If you wish to have your product delivered & installed please notify the sales person or organise a time with a delivery or installation technician. (Applicable within the Galway area)

By Telephone
Simply call 091 562629 or 091 526202.

By Email
Use the contact Us form and you'll respond to confirm your delivery

Still not sure??
You may get a quote before any item is shipped regardless so why not call or email us.